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Tree Establishment Program

Georgia - Tree Establishment Program

Four Male volunteers stand in field with tools

Planting Location: North Georgia

Project Description/Objective: Provide seedlings and technical support to landowners in north Georgia who are interested in tree planting.

Ecological Benefits: The objective is to encourage landowners to plant native, commercial oak trees to establish healthy, sustainable oak forests. These plantations should provide clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat, and forest products for future generations. This is an innovative project, as large-scale oak tree plantings are not common in Georgia. Hardwood establishment is more expensive and requires more intensive management than pine establishment. Landowners will be encouraged to diversify their plantation by planting a mixture of red oak and white oak species to benefit wildlife and forest health. This project will promote open-land plantings which created new forests, bottomland and riparian plantings to protect soil erosion and water quality, and larger plantings to maximize impact on the landscape.

Community Benefits: Communities will benefit as these planting will help provide clean air, water, wildlife habitat, future forest products, and diversity to the landscape.

Types of Trees: cherrybark oak, swamp chestnut oak, white oak, water oak, northern red oak, willow oak

Number of Trees Donated by Noble Oak: 3,000

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