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Southeast USA 2024 - Private Landowner Planting Program (LA, MS, AL, FL, GA)

Southeast USA 2024 - Private Landowner Planting Program (LA, MS, AL, FL, GA)

Planting Location: These are private landowner tracts in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

Project Description/Objective: This project will reforest private lands impacted by natural disasters (hurricanes, wildfires, floods, etc.) throughout the Southeast. Native species including longleaf, shortleaf, slash and loblolly pine will be planted where appropriate based on site conditions.

Ecological Benefits: The majority of forestland in the Southeast occurs on private lands and these lands are critical to providing the collective ecological benefits that forests provide in this region. Plantings will benefit watershed protection, enhance wildlife habitat, improve forest resilience and sequester carbon.

Community Benefits:This project will help private landowners reforest their lands. Many of the landowners included in this project lack adequate financial resources to complete reforestation activities. Selective harvests in the future will benefit rural local economies, many of which are dependent on the forestry industry for employment opportunities.

Types of Trees: loblolly pine - Pinus taeda, slash pine - Pinus elliottii, shortleaf pine - Pinus echinata, longleaf pine - Pinus palustris

Number of Trees Donated by Noble Oak: 10,450

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