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Seminole State Forest

Florida 2019 - Seminole Forest

Seedlings in Nursery

Planting Location: Seminole State Forest

Project Description/Objective: This project will provide for the restoration of a sandhill community that had substantial encroachment by off-site sand pine, due to longleaf pine removal and lack of fire. The sand pines were harvested in 2015. A broadcast herbicide operation was conducted in 2018 to reduce immature sand pine, oak and vegetative competition. A prescribed fire will be conducted to further reduce competition, reduce logging slash and open the site up for hand planting. Hand planting will be completed with contracted hand planters.

Ecological Benefits: Restoration of the sandhill will provide a natural functioning ecosystem that will benefit native plant and animal species. What wildlife is benefitting from this project? How? Florida Black Bear, Sherman fox squirrel, gopher tortoise, White-tailed deer, turkey, pine warblers, wood peckers. Habitat for the species listed is improved with the restoration of a healthy sandhill ecosystem through the reduction of the sand pine and planting of longleaf pine.

Community Benefits: The restored ecosystem will allow for the periodic use of prescribed fire and proper timber management.

Types of Trees: Long Leaf Pine

Number of Trees Donated by Noble Oak: 7,500

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