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Montana 2022 - Marshall Woods Reforestation

Montana 2022 - Marshall Woods Reforestation

Planting Location: Lolo National Forest

Project Description/Objective: Partnership funding will help us plant 55 acres next spring as we start to reforest an area with an eye to the future.

Ecological Benefits: There is no real viable seed source for the natural regeneration of a healthy forest. Partnership funds are needed to successfully reforest this area and contribute to restoration goals as outlined in the project purpose and need.

Community Benefits: Lolo is a destination for locals and visitors to go hiking, OHV riding, camping, winter sports, cabin and lookout rentals. Helping this park remain healthy will ensure that it will keep attracting these groups of individuals.

Types of Trees: Ponderosa Pine

Number of Trees Donated by Noble Oak: 13,300

Lolo National Forest

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