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Florida 2022 - Myakka State Forest Reforestation

Florida 2022 - Myakka State Forest Reforestation

Planting Location: Myakka State Forest, Sarasota County, Florida

Project Description/Objective: This mesic flatwoods site will be planted with South Florida slash pine and possibly some longleaf pine at a density of 726 trees per acre. On average, approximately two trees per acre currently exist on the site.

Ecological Benefits: Restoring the overstory on this site will improve our ability to conduct prescribed burns which are critical to maintaining both the diversity and structure of flatwoods communities. Establishing an effective prescribed fire regime on this site will benefit numerous native wildlife species.

Community Benefits: Improving the structure and composition of this site will improve the quality of the recreational opportunities on the forest.

Types of Trees: South Florida slash pine, longleaf pine

Number of Trees Donated by Noble Oak: 18,860

Myakka state forest

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