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Arizona 2023 - Sheridan Fire Reforestation

AZ 2023 - Sheridan Fire Reforestation

Planting Location: The trees will be planted in Camp Wood, Chino Valley Ranger District to help reforest the Prescott National Forest.

Project Description/Objective: The Sheridan Fire burned 21,482 acres in 2019 in the Camp Wood area of the Prescott National Forest. The majority of the fire burned through Pinyon-Juniper evergreen shrub and chaparral vegetation types, however about 3,500 acres burned through ponderosa pine forests on the east side of the fire. The project will be the first planting on the Prescott National Forest in 10 years and will start with an initial planting in 2023 of 100 acres. A total of 30,000 trees will be planted within the Stringtown Wash watershed which is identified as a priority watershed on the Prescott National Forest.

Ecological Benefits: These ponderosa pine ecosystems were burned at high severity and the fire was standing replacing. This area is a transitional pine ecosystem and with limited seed sources available, it is expected that the area will convert to a chaparral ecosystem for the next 100+ years.

Community Benefits: The Camp Wood area of the Prescott National Forest is a beautiful, shaded ponderosa pine forest and is a popular recreation area for the people of Prescott, Chino Valley and Phoenix. The area is home to elk, mule deer, and wild turkey and is a habitat for the Northern Goshawk, which is a species of concern in the USDA Forest Service.

Types of Trees: Ponderosa pine 100%

Number of Trees Donated by Noble Oak: 10,000

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