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The path of least resistance lures us with the promise of an easy ride. But where does it take us?

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At Noble Oak, we make it easy to enjoy great whiskey. By sourcing the finest wood, we are able to offer you the best flavor in the glass. Get to know us and try for yourself.

Double Oak Bourbon Whiskey


A unique bourbon finished with Spanish sherry-seasoned oak


An award-winning rye finished with port wine seasoned oak
Noble Oak Rye Bottle
Noble oak trinity reserve bottle shot


An exceptional Straight Bourbon finished using a unique trilogy of woods sourced from three distinct continents


First, we traditionally rest our whiskey in charred new American White Oak barrels for a minimum of two years, developing sweet vanilla notes and a deep caramel tone.

Then, we finish our whiskey using either sherry or port wine cask staves to impart additional complexity.

The result? Unique flavors that are elegantly balanced and bold.

Noble Oak: A Great Whiskey with a Noble Heart
Noble Oak Bourbon & Rye Whiskey

The Oak

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