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Oregon & Washington 2022 - State Wide Wildfire Restoration

Oregon & Washington 2022 - State Wide Wildfire Restoration


Planting Location: Areaa in OR & WA where the following fires occurred in 2020: Archie Creek, Holiday Farm, Beachie Creek and Riverside.

Project Description/Objective: Our planting partner is in the process of reforesting lands that were burnt during the devastating fire event that occurred during September of 2020. Multiple large fires burnt hundred of thousands of acres in western Oregon. This is a multi year effort to rehabilitate those lands. Lands are managed to primarily benefit resources such as Wildlife, Fisheries, Water, Wilderness, Botany, Recreation and Late Successional Ecosystems.

Ecological Benefits: The multiple projects will begin the re-establishment of native forests on government lands. The land will be managed for the benefit of multiple resources. Riparian areas will be planted to benefit fisheries and watersheds. Late Successional Reserves (LSR) will be planted to accelerate the return to the ecologic conditions that were present before the fires and to benefit those species which depended on those ecotypes for survival. Recreation areas will be restored to the conditions that were enjoyed by the users that frequented them. The targeted species mix will represent that which was historically present. Planting will be implemented and maintained to prevent invasive species establishment.

Community Benefits:The re-establishment of native forests on BLM lands will help surrounding communities in many ways. There will be employment opportunities associated with the initial reforestation effort and continued maintenance for many years. These communities have historically benefitted from recreation opportunities in their surrounding forests. These projects will help bring back that recreation. The communities will benefit from the multiple forest products that will come from those lands for many years.

Types of Trees: Douglas-fir, Sugar Pine, Western Red Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Western Hemlock, Incense Cedar and Western White Pine.

Number of Trees Donated by Noble Oak: 30,000

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