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Florida 2024 - LLP Restoration Eglin AFB

Florida 2024 - LLP Restoration Eglin AFB

Planting Location: Amargosa River Canyon China Ranch, California; Shoshone Wetlands, California; Clark Country Wetlands, Nevada.

Project Description/Objective: This is part of a longleaf pine restoration project that replaces offsite pine species with longleaf pine. We will be planting 500,000 longleaf pine seedlings at approximately 500 trees per acre. Prior to planting, each stand will receive mechanical site-prep treatment to reduce the amount of competition in an effort to ensure greatest seedling survival. The trees will be planted by hand and staff will oversee the entire planting effort to ensure trees are planted correctly. After the trees are planted, staff will conduct one and three year seedling survival checks to ensure the health of the stands. Likewise, after three years the stands will be monitored regularly to ensure the health of the stands.

Ecological Benefits: This planting project will benefit the ecosystem in countless ways. Eglin is home to ten federally listed species (the reticulated flatwoods salamander, Okaloosa darter, gulf sturgeon, eastern indigo snake, red knot, piping plover, red-cockaded woodpecker, Choctaw bean, narrow pigtoe, southern sandshell, fuzzy pigtoe) and even more state listed species that will directly benefit from this reforestation effort. There are an additional twenty-eight species in the northern Gulf of Mexico that would benefit from improved water quality. Likewise, the reforestation project will benefit other endemic species such as the black bear, white-tailed deer, wild turkey etc. The plantings will ensure that wind and water erosion are all but eliminated.

Community Benefits: The planting effort will benefit thousands of people in the local community and beyond. From the Eglin Forestry staff and the planting crew to the recreational users that will visit the forest and the harvest crew that will eventually harvest the trees many years from now. The trees will also support the local economy at the local green energy mill and the local economy surrounding the mill. There will also be thousands that are impacted by the clean air and water that the forest will provide.

Types of Trees: Longleaf pine, Pinus palustris

Number of Trees Donated by Noble Oak: 20,000

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