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Arkansas 2022 - Green Bay Replanting Project

Arkansas 2022 - Green Bay Replanting Project

Picture of planting area in Wye Mountain, Arkansas

Planting Location: Wye Mountain, Arkansas

Project Description/Objective: Containerized, native shortleaf pine seedlings will be planted on an 8 foot by 10 foot spacing, yielding 454 seedlings per acre (1,121 per Ha). This property serves as a restoration demonstration site for us and our state and federal partners.

Ecological Benefits: Urbanization is threatening in-tact forested landscapes critical to the protection of the drinking water source for a half-million people. This tract was clearcut by a timber company, and was acquired by Central Arkansas Water, which will conduct an ecological restoration at the site, replanting the native shortleaf pine. Central Arkansas Water (the largest municipal supplier of water in the state), has a history of watershed protection efforts. In 2007, their Board adopted the Lake Maumelle Watershed Management Plan which birthed the Watershed Protection division of the utility. To-date, the utility has protected more than 12,200 acres of land in the watershed and with this project, will have planted more than 136,000 trees in reforestation efforts. The tract contains portions of Reece Creek, one of the main tributaries to Lake Maumelle. Native Shortleaf pine trees will increase forest resiliency to climate change. The tract also boasts sweeping views of Lake Maumelle, which increased the threat of future development. CAW is pioneering new models to deliver protection at scale, like issuing the world's first certified Green Bond to protect forests for water quality, the proceeds of which purchased this property.

Community Benefits:Safe, affordable, reliable drinking water for over 500,000 residents and increased acreage of public lands 10 miles from Little Rock. This project will increase protected forested buffer areas along Reece Creek and create a forest filter for water quality protection and enhancement. It will increase the useable life of Lake Maumelle as a drinking water source for current residents and future generations.

Types of Trees: Shortleaf Pine, Pinus echinata

Number of Trees Donated by Noble Oak: 5,000

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